Bulk Discounts


Pre purchase 5 repeat identical Brazilian Waxing treatments and receive a 20% discount.


Brazilian Sunset Rewards


Brazilian Sunset rewards our loyal customers. Ask for a loyalty card and receive every 10th Brazilian wax for free.


Student Discount


Present your Student ID to purchase Female Brazilian Waxing XXXX (All off) $38, XXX $40.
Note: Student discounts not available in the Melbourne City Salon between 11.00am - 2.30pm Monday - Friday, or Sundays in all salons.


Female Brazilian Waxing by specialists


Sunset X | Extended Bikini Wax


This is a slightly briefer wax than a standard bikini, including clippering and neatening down the front and half bottom.


Sunset XX | A True G String Wax


We clipper and shape the pubic line, waxing around the labia into the bottom.


Sunset XXX | Traditional Brazilian Wax


We clipper and shape into a style that you prefer. We then wax over the labia and into the bottom leaving a small line of hair.


Sunset XXXX | All Off!


If you dare, no complications we wax it all.


Brazilian Touch-up


Rebook for a Brazilian touch-up within 3 weeks of treatment and receive a 20% discount.


 elos Permanent Hair Reduction Pricing


The quantity and frequency of elos treatments vary for each individual based on; the area to be treated, skin and hair type. During an initial consultation, your Brazilian Sunset consultant will personalise a cost effective, multi treatment package and schedule, to achieve optimum results.



Female Waxing

Comfort and confidence

Eyebrow Wax and Shape $25
Nose $12

Upper Lip

Chin $13
Under Arm $17
Full Arm $35
1/2 Arm $28

Snail Trail

Stomach $12
Bottom $18
Standard Bikini $25
Bottom 1/2 of Leg $30
Top 1/2 of Leg $35
Back of Thighs $13

3/4 Leg


Full Leg


Ingrown Hair Removal From


Clipper Attachment



Male Waxing

Yes it's OK for guys too.

 Male Brazilian Wax - front and bottom $80
 Male Brazilian Wax - front only $60
 Buttocks $35
 Eyebrow Tidy $18
 Nose $12
 Ears $13
 Neck $19
 Full Arms $44
 Stomach $23
 Lower Back $22
 Chest $33
 Chest and Shoulders $50 
 Back and Shoulders $50
 Full Leg $60


Enhance your best features

Eyelash Tint


Eyebrow Tint


Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint